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im trying to make a query from the use of TempVars

im Using SQL to run the query but every time i try, it return Invalid date value this is the line that will not work

this returns error

WHERE ((([Table].[Issue Date])>=#[TempVars]![tmpDateFrom]# And ([Table].[Issue Date])>=#[TempVars]![tmpDateTo]#));

this returns fine

WHERE ((([Table].[Issue Date])>=#10/12/12# And ([Table].[Issue Date])>=#11/12/12#));

I have checked the TempVars [tmpDateFrom] and [tmpDateTo] and they out put the date value i need.

Please help

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Did you try removing the hashes # from around the variables? –  user985189 Jan 7 '13 at 4:35
OMG i dono why i didn't see this before i beeen suck on this for the whole day.... thank you @Nicarus –  MasterT Jan 7 '13 at 4:44
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Thank you all or the help. due to the requirement of the database @Nicarus had the right answer this is the solution for those still wondering.

WHERE ((([Table].[Issue Date])>=[TempVars]![tmpDateFrom] And ([Table].[Issue Date])>=[TempVars]![tmpDateTo]));
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