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I have a very big NSString, which holds around 1500 characters in it. In this string I need to extract a phone number, which may change frequently, as it is a dynamic data. The phone number will be in the format of 251-221-2000, how can I extract this?

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Check NSScanner – iDev Jan 7 '13 at 5:29
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Check out this previous question on regular expressions and NSString.

Search through NSString using Regular Expression

In your case an appropriate regular expression would be @"\\d{3}-\\d{3}-\\d{4}".

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it is showing warning as : unknown escape sequence "\d" – Pradeep Kumar Jan 7 '13 at 5:44
Sorry, I corrected it just now. – s.bandara Jan 7 '13 at 5:47
how to convert the result as string as i am getting output as: <NSSimpleRegularExpressionCheckingResult: 0x8ab2b20>{2134, 12}{<NSRegularExpression: 0x8ab2480> \d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4} 0x1} – Pradeep Kumar Jan 7 '13 at 5:55
you are awesome, you solved it..thank you so much – Pradeep Kumar Jan 7 '13 at 6:11

This sounds like a perfect candidate for a regular expression. You can use the NSRegularExpression class to achieve this. You can test your regular expression at

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NSString *yourString = @"Your 1500 characters string ";
NSError *error = NULL;
NSRegularExpression *regex = [NSRegularExpression         
[regex enumerateMatchesInString:yourString options:0 range:NSMakeRange(0, [yourString length]) usingBlock:^(NSTextCheckingResult *match, NSMatchingFlags flags, BOOL *stop){
// your code to handle matches here

Let me know it is working or not.

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You need to escape the backslashes in the regexp – rmaddy Jan 7 '13 at 6:04

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