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RoR dummy here so please go easy on me. I'm iterating over a collection of Utility objects and for each one, I want to have an "edit" link that when clicked, renders a partial that has specific edit information for that bill.

I want to render a partial and pass the u.id param to that partial so I can display utility-specific information. Keeping in mind that I'm not great at Rails, how do I accomplish this? The view I'm working on is a partial render_uts in users#show. Thanks!

Edit : I almost have it working. The partial is rendered on click. But I don't know how to pass u.id or any parameters to the partial.


<% @utilities.each do |u| %>
     <%= link_to u.name, '/users/show', :remote => true %>
<% end  %>


<%= Utility name should go here? %>

At the end of the show method in my users controller:

respond_to do |format|

And in show.js.erb:

$("#editUtil").prepend('<%= escape_javascript(render 'utilEdit') %>');

($("#editUtil") is my placeholder.)

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I don't understand actually what you want Suppose you want to edit utility since it's member route you can use edit_utility_path(u) Or you want to render partial in same UI you can passed as locals like <%= render :partial=>"...",:locals=>{"utility_id"=>u.id} %>,or you can pass object as option Refer rails docs

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I only want to render the partial when the link is clicked since it would take too much time loading otherwise. –  user1436111 Jan 7 '13 at 5:44

First of all in your show.html.erb you should pass an utility id to show action:

<% @utilities.each do |u| %>
 <%= link_to u.name, utility_path(u), :remote => true %>
 <!-- or if you have some strange routes -->
 <%= link_to u.name, "/utilities/#{u.id}", :remote => true %>
<% end %>

Then you should found utility in your show action

def show
  @utility = Utility.find(params[:id])

In your partial(_utilEdit.html.erb) you should wrote smth like this:

<%= utility.name %>

In show.js.erb you should pass @utility:

$("#editUtil").prepend('<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'utilEdit', :locals => {:utility => @utility}) %>');

Read more about partials and variables: Local variables in partials

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