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i am trying to add product filter by price in opencart, So how to do this?

also add this featured in product page

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Give me some suggesion or ideas to do this .... – user1509619 Jan 7 '13 at 5:46
You are trying means You have such an extension and only do not know how to incorporate it to the OpenCart, or You want this feature and You do not have such an extension? – shadyyx Jan 8 '13 at 12:12
See… . I believe Filters must be done manually with the default installation. This means that you can create a filter "0-50" but you must manually add all products within that price range to that filter. – Pacerier Oct 4 '14 at 18:26

Follow this steps you can easily add the Price filter for your open cart front end page

Filter I Category → Filter-->Insert--> add filter. Give--> 1000,2000 and more. Now Save Filters.

Filter II Extension-->Modules-->Click Filter. Maintain with Column Left Status enabled.

Filter III Catalog -->Products-->Click Edit Go to Links-->Type Filter Amount If Product Price 2500 ,then maintain the filter value price (2000 – 3000) Range. Regards Megala

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In fact, it is unnecessary to add the price filter. It is possible to generate the price range filter automatically for products listing when the customer access any category in your store.

I use an advanced products filters module(include price range filter) for my store >

It really help my customers focus in on what they are looking for which will create more sales.

The mod worked out of the box with the default theme and only needed some minor tweaks to work with my custom theme which the developer did for me immediately. i like that it builds upon the framework of oc.

It should be useful to boost your online sales too. I recommend you to try it. You could find it at:

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This link is the answer to all your needs

You can filter by Categories, Manufacturers, Price.

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Link only answers are strongly discouraged on SO. Please enhance your answer with some more information about what is in your link. – Chilion Jan 9 '15 at 14:35

Unlike many other shopping carts there is no a built-in filter in OpenCart that could be considered a normal usable e-commerce store filter unfortunately. The OpenCart filters thing is a super clumsy functionality and it's not very clear for users how to administer it. In our company we use an extension called Brainy Filter They have it for both OpenCart versions but of course you should go with 2.x rather then the old 1.5.x one. All other filters we tried appeared to be either just junk or had very messy interfaces.

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