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I am using struts 2.3.7, struts2-jquery-grid-plugin-3.5.0 and hibernate 3.6. I want to reload the jqgrid after an ajax call made.

I have an jDialog box which have three buttons,After clicking the buttons,We hove to perform some operations such as an Ajax call after that I have to reload the jqgrid how to achieve that.

my jDialog

                'Approove':function() { approoveButton(); },
                'Cancel':function() { cancelButton(); },
                'Deny':function() { denyButton(); }
        title="Assign Issues"

My jqGrid is as

 <div id="targetDivToRefresh">
        <sjg:gridColumn name="issue_id"  id="issueId"  index="id" title="Issue-ID" formatter="integer"  sortable="false"/>
        <sjg:gridColumn name="issue_description" index="id" title="Issue-Details"  sortable="false"/>
        <sjg:gridColumn name="issue_raised_date" index="date" title="Issue-Date"  formatter="date"  sortable="false"/>

        <sjg:gridColumn name="issue_id"   index="issues" title="Action" sortable="false" formatter="formatLink"/>
        <sjg:gridColumn name="assigned"  index="assigned" title="Assigned To"  sortable="false"/>

After clicking the the column "Acton" the jDialog box opened where I have to click on any buttons i.e. Approove,Deny Buttons to perform some operations. After Completion of the ajax call I have to reload the jqgrid. I am using customFormatter as

function formatLink(cellvalue, options, rowObject) {

                      var issueId=rowObject.issue_id;

                        return "<a href='#' onClick='javascript:openDialog("+issueId+")'>" + issueId+ "</a>";

                function openDialog(issue) {

                        $("#mybuttondialog").dialog().text('Your are going to assign Issue-Id:' + issue);


However I have tried something like this to reload the grid:

$("#gridtable").trigger("reloadGrid"); // where #gridtable is my jqGrid idName

Please help me out, I am using jqgrid first time.

Edited Section

Actually the ajax call is in demo phase, however the code is as follows.

function approoveButton()
            $("#mybuttondialog").load("<s:property value='issueTrackerUrl'/>?id="+global_id);


Here issueTrackerUrl is an action which made an ajax call successfully. And here I reload the jqgrid

 function reload() 

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You need to trigger the reload function in the success of the ajax call then only u can reload the grid.

$("#mybuttondialog").load("<s:property value='issueTrackerUrl'/>?id="+global_id,  function(responseText, statusText, xhr)
                if(statusText == "success")
                        alert("Successfully loaded the content!");
                if(statusText == "error")
                        alert("An error occurred: " + xhr.status + " - " + xhr.statusText);

Call those line in the success of ajax. The issueTrackerUrl should return success or error.

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will you please give me some example, I have tried the above line but browser got crashed every time once the above code is executed –  arvin_codeHunk Jan 7 '13 at 5:46
Could u show me your ajax function? –  muthu Jan 7 '13 at 5:48
please check the edited section in my question –  arvin_codeHunk Jan 7 '13 at 5:55
please the check the edited answer –  muthu Jan 7 '13 at 6:08
thanks, but one doubt which line should be called on the success of ajax and how, sorry but I have no idea in working with jquery –  arvin_codeHunk Jan 7 '13 at 6:12

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