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  1. Google provide ~5Gb of storage space to it's subscribers
  2. This storage can be used to store arbitrary files
  3. Google has published API to interact with the storage, namely GDrive SDK

Use case:

  • A 3rd party application ( e.g. WebSite the user is subscribed to ) is granted access to part of the Subscribers GDrive storage ( a Quota )
  • The application manage the allocated Quota on behalf of the user.
  • Part of the content on the managed Quota can be accessed by the wide public ( controlled by the 3rd part app ).

Does Google support the above mentioned use-case? in what way? Is there any other application supporting such a use-case?

Any help will be appreciated.

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This is a really good use-case, thanks for raising it. Sorry, unfortunately it is not currently possible with the Google Drive SDK.

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