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I have a Backbone Router and six Backbone Views which load (depending on User's settings) one of two templates. Yet, both templates use the same function, and I don't want to repeat myself defining the function in both templates, or in the six Views. Instead, I would like to define it in the Router. I know how to pass a model in to a view and template. But, how can I pass my custom function through to the View and then to the templates so that it can be called in either of them?


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You could create a "super" view that all your other views extend.

Something like:

var MySuperView = Backbone.View.extend({
  myReusableFunction: function() {
    // do stuff

var View1 = MySuperView.extend({});
var View2 = MySuperView.extend({});

Both View1 and View2 will have myReusableFunction available.

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Hmm. Interesting suggestion. I've never nested Views before. This will help me in a lot of ways other than just the problem listed above. Thank you eric! – ac360 Jan 7 '13 at 6:37

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