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I am following this example and trying to implement aspectj without using spring or maven build.

In aspectj with spring implementation I see aspect class is loaded to this bean id logAspect

<bean id="logAspect" class="com.mkyong.aspect.LoggingAspect" />

If I want to load this manually using a java class without spring. To which interface or class I should create this implementation and how to load it so that aspect logging works.

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AspectJ is completely independent of Spring. Try not to think "how to use AspectJ without Spring" but rather just "how to use AspectJ". Having said that, I recommend the AspectJ homepage. There you will find documentation and introductory material like the programming guide. It even contains samples for tracing, logging, profiling. Using AspectJ without Spring is actually much simpler than with Spring.

If you use the AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) from within Eclipse, you get several code samples with the installation, again including tracing/logging. Enjoy!

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Thanks for the Programming guide link. It was very helpful. – om39a Jan 15 '13 at 4:23

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