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I'm using link_to to render a partial (as in, the partial is rendered when the link_to is clicked), as shown. I want to pass the param into the partial but I'm having no success :( What am I doing wrong? I'm desperate.

Edit: Finally got it to work. Here is my code:

In my view, users/show.html.erb - "u" is each Utility in a collection

<% @utilities.each do |u| %>
    <%= link_to, { :controller => :users, :action => :show, :util_id => }, :remote => true %>
<% end %>

At the end of my users#show controller method

    respond_to do |format|
        format.html {
            redirect_to @current_user and return
        format.json {
            redirect_to @current_user.json and return
        format.js {
          @util_id = params[:util_id]
          redirect_to @current_user and return


$("#editUtil").prepend('<%= escape_javascript(raw render :partial => "utilEdit", :locals => {:util => params[:util_id]} ).html_safe%>');

My partial: _utilEdit.html.erb

TEST: <%= Utility.find(util).name %>

Thank you to everyone who helped!!

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<%= link_to, '/users/show', :util_id =>, :remote => true %>

In this format of link_to :util_id goes to html_options, so you get html like

<a href="/users/show" util_id="1" data-remote="true">...

But you need something like

<a href="/users/show?util_id=1" data-remote="true">...

Try to use named path, or { :controller, :action, :params } constructions instead

<%= link_to, show_users_path(:util_id =>, :remote => true %>


<%= link_to, { :controller => :users, :action => :show, :util_id => }, :remote => true %>
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Thank you! But I am getting the error "undefined method `show_users_path' for #<#<Class:0x007fb79b36f330>:0x007fb79b36aa88>" :( – user1436111 Jan 7 '13 at 7:43
Fixed it, it works now! – user1436111 Jan 7 '13 at 7:51

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