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I have created a UserControl called AutorControl with a method to clear its textbox:

public void LimpiarAutorTextbox()
            textBox1.Text = "";

Then my intention is from another form with a Panal, using a for loop add X ammount of the above user control. Then I want to call the UserControls method: "LimpiarAutorTextbox" (which is just a method for clearing the text of the textbox) using a foreach loop like this, however it's not working. I'm not sure what to do in this case:

AutorControl usercontrolAutorControl = new AutorControl();

        private override void ClearControls()
            txtTitulo.Text = "";

            //Panel1 will only hold controls of the same type: "AutorControl"
            foreach (Control X in panel1.Controls)
                X as AutorControl;//?????? I want to access each created usercontrols' method. 


The panel will always hold a usercontrol of AutorControl, never anything else. How can I achieve this programatically?


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Your line here is fine:

X as AutorControl

just add:

(X as AutorControl).LimpiarAutorTextbox()

that should do the trick.

Also, I know you said that there would only be AutorControls in there, but you may want to do something more like this:

AutorControl currentControl == X as AutorControl;
if (AutorControl != null)

Or alternatively, you can change your declaration of the for foreach loop to do the cast for you:

foreach(AutorControl currentControl in form.Controls)
  if (currentControl != null)

Some alternatives :)

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