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I ran the below gzgrep command. It displays file name followed by colon and searched results. Some time the file name is not present in the search results. What do i need modify the command to have the file name always first in the search results. Using solaris 10 and korn shell.

> gzgrep  3337678895 /home/tst02/WWSD.????.20121123.????.BLB4.????.*.gz

> gzgrep 3564767  /home/tst01/FEL??_R20121101070001_prig_*.gz
2012110107582420121101075911010349504230298062459      0419887344          000000004704230242349500190298062459                                                                                                00480333495001  AA40512C804C036C0048033C036C0048033C21101C00000C0200000C0C0C0C000C010C00298062459CFFFFFFFFFFFFFF1C010C    00419887344C      FFFFFFFFFF0758244C000000464C00000C00000C000C0000000000000C00000C00000C14560C                                                                                                                                                                                                                  042C3564767C                                                                071C101C0C00016C                                                                                                                                    134950019C204230242C                                                                                                   
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The problem it prints the file name where there is more than 1 file match. Not able to find any option to make it work in solaris. So i need to check whether the file count is 1 and build a if look to check for it and append the filename to the search results for making it work. –  Arav Jan 8 '13 at 22:51

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GNU grep has the -H option:

   -H, --with-filename
          Print the file name for each match.  This is  the  default  when
          there is more than one file to search.

Maybe this also works with gzgrep.

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There is no -H option in solaris. The problem it prints the file name where there is more than 1 file match, –  Arav Jan 7 '13 at 22:23

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