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Below are the events I have defined for my current view. I added the touchend to cater for access on the mobile phone

  "click .join_in"      : "addMuse"
  "touchend .join_in"   : "addMuse"
  "touchend .promote"   : "promoteMuse"
  "click .promote"      : "promoteMuse"

However, I realize that when I tried to click on the 'join_in' button or 'promote' link, the methods seemed to be triggered twice.

Is this the correct way to bind the events for the mobile web? Do I need to define them differently or only bind them if I check that I am on a mobile?

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If click event is called in mobile browser, just remove the touchend event. Else, you could define the right event depending on the device and browser type : – sdespont Jan 7 '13 at 7:46
So the touchend event and click event will cannot be used together? – Zhen Jan 7 '13 at 7:55

It should be depending on browser implementation.

You could test if the click event exist and declare touchend if not.

Check event exsistance like this : How to check if an event handler exist using jQuery or JS?

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