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I know of the method Element#wait_until_present(t), but if this method times out it throws a timeOut exception.

Is there a method that just waits for t seconds and then returns true if the element became present or false otherwise?

I know it can be done with a simple begin..rescue..end statement, but I'm looking for something that doesn't use exceptions.

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There is not. It's certaintly unfortunate that this method raises an exception for such non-excepctional thing, but just write your own extension and be done with it. – tokland Jan 7 '13 at 9:05
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You can write a short-hand rescue clause like this:

element_present = browser.element.wait_until_present rescue false
puts "element not present" unless element_present

This does however result in a false value on any Exception at all and not just with TimeoutError. I still prefer to use it since if there's any Exception at all then it would be safer to assume that the element was not present.

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Looks like there is no other method that will do what i'm looking for ,

so here is the simplest method to achieve this :

#check method for Element#wait_until_present(t) 
def check_if_present(element,t)
    raise ArgumentError, 't must be a number ' unless t.is_a? Numeric
    rescue Watir::Wait::TimeoutError
        raise "Something wrong with the element"
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If you do not want an exception the below code can be handy:

sleep 'your time here' eg: sleep 20 - this will wait for 20 secs.

then check for your element now:

'your element'.exists? -this will return true/false

you will not get an exception this way.

Another best way is to write your wait_for_load method based on your needs.

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The sleep t option will force me to sleep for t seconds no matter what . I preferred to write my own method , as i did in the answer i posted just a few seconds after you :) – MichaelR Jan 7 '13 at 9:22

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