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For my studying and university I have a project where I need to make an application using C# WPF. This application must allow me to select a path between two adresses and show the path on the map like google map.

How can I implement the google webservice API ? I am a bit lost with it and I don't understand how I can make my application and fit in the google map itself.

With this i must be able to calculate the distance as well.

This is what i have done with the webBrowser but it displays the whole website of google maps:

I know that the WebBrowser control can display the google maps but it doesnt actually work This is my code actually

    private void btnCharger_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        //Use static or WebControl we don't know yet.
        //This is the case we use webControl
        string street = "";
        string city = "";
        string zipcode = "";
        StringBuilder adresseQuery = new StringBuilder();

        street = tbStreet.Text.Replace(" ", "+");
        adresseQuery.Append(street + ",+");
        city = tbCity.Text;
        adresseQuery.Append(city + ",+");
        zipcode = tbZipCode.Text;



So in this code i have created the adresse and sent it to the webbrowser through google maps. But is shows the whole google map page with the left bar and everything. I would like to only display the map ! How can i only display the map and not the bars present on the https://maps.google.com/

I have already checked this Link and am currently working on it but this is static.

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Did you do any web searches before trying ? http://gmaps.codeplex.com/ is a .NET library for using Google Maps Api, the link contains samples and documentation as well.

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Yesi have done alot of search before posting here. I am asking help because alot of sources give the information that this can be used aswell : greatmaps.codeplex.com I need the user to be able with the mouse click to pin markers on the trajectory selected by the user on the google maps. So what i am trying to accomplish is a way to display the google map in the C# WPF (which i currently do not know how to do) and to be able to let the user pin the map. Thanks in advance ! –  Kunamatata Jan 7 '13 at 8:33
Ok Got you point :) Some time back I had used the Bing Maps Api for doing something similar, and the Maps could be displayed using the WebBrowser control. For drawing the push pins, you need to define custom controls and the set the style of the push pin to your custom control. codeproject.com/Articles/316215/Google-maps-in-wpf can be a good starting point. –  prthrokz Jan 7 '13 at 8:41
Ok thanks for your help :) Because at the moment i have different inputs for the user to select the different roads he wants or something. And i only need to be able to display the map in WPF. The pins can come later even if it is very important. –  Kunamatata Jan 7 '13 at 8:46

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