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I use some constants to define paths to specific directories on a website that I'm building, like this:

define("ROOT_PATH", "");
define("IMAGES_DIR", ROOT_PATH . "images/");

and I usually use them like this:

echo "<img src='" . IMAGES_DIR . "some_image.jpg' />";

now I want to know if there is any difference between

define("ROOT_PATH", "");


define("ROOT_PATH", "/home/username/public_html/");

and which one of them should I use? And why?

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Try to link an image with <img src=""; /> and see if it works ;) – David Ericsson Jan 7 '13 at 8:29

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You can't really use the following:

define("ROOT_PATH", "/home/username/public_html/");

since it will try to load

which you don't really want.


define("ROOT_PATH", "");

will try to fetch

which is what you want.

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the difference is that html won't recognize full paths on images or src attributes... but you can use this

define ('ROOT', dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));
define ('ROOT_PATH', "");
define ('INCLUDES',ROOT .'path/to/php/includes/'); //for php includes

Or you can use a php function to convert "ROOT_PATH" based on the getenv("SCRIPT_NAME")

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You should use

define("ROOT_PATH", "");

If you use:

define("ROOT_PATH", "");

In client side,The image src:

If you use:( Just for local file system )

define("ROOT_PATH", "/home/username/public_html/");

The image src:
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