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What is the way to display numeric number pad in smart phones for phone number field.

Here I searched & found that

type="tel" & type="number" will work out

but in tapestry it shows error :

Unable to resolve 'tel' to a component class name Unable to resolve 'number' to a component class name

Can anyone please tell me when user comes to & clicks phone number field, number pad needs to display?

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What version of Tapestry are you using?

   <t:textfield value="value" placeholder="Number field"
    label="Number field" type="number" />

Works fine for me in 5.3.6 and opens up the number keyboard on the iPad.

According to this bug report, this will only work in 5.3.2 and up, so you may need to upgrade your Tapestry version.

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I am using tapestry 5.3. –  Anbu Jan 8 '13 at 10:24
I've updated my answer. –  Jeshurun Jan 8 '13 at 13:41

Your error states that tapestry tries to interpit type="number" to the tapestry component called "number" which does not exist.

In the tapestry namespace type is a reserved attribute to indicate to which component the rendering of the tag with the type="coponentName" should be delegated to.

So I'm assuming your tml snippet will look something like:

<t:textfield type="number" value="yourValuePropery" .../>

Meaning that type will be read as t:type and thus causing your exception.

You can fix this by using the following in stead:

Your *.tml

<input t:id="myNumberField" type="number"/>

Your *.java

@Component(id="myNumberField", parameters={"value=yourValuePropery"})
private TextField myNumberField;
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