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I'm working on an E-commerce solution for subscription products. The environment we're building on already has an online payment gateway for storing credit card information in PCI compliance and a frontend with capability to store subscription data.

What is missing is a component that will manage the recurring payments. I.e. the recurring payment component needs to send the recurring bills to the payment gateway and manage the changes in subscriptions (e.g. credit card gets invalidated during subscription period or customer upgrades the subscription etc...) and offer a gui for customer service to sort out the worst problems.

Can anybody suggest products, SAAS or regular, that would tackle this empty slot in our architecture?

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There are several solutions out there - ChargeBee is one - that allow you to close the open slot in your architecture by managing the recurring billing component. If you are doing simple subscriptions without complexity, these will work well.

However, if you (currently or in the future) plan to evolve to more complex subscriptions (e.g., prorating, adding loyalty components) or adding an activity or usage element to the subscriptions, these recurring payment managers won't be enough. If this sounds like you, check out TRACT Billing, which can handle some very sophisticated billing scenarios without the cost of an on-premise solution.

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Try ChargeBee. Its a subscription Billing Solution.

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Thanks David. Glad to be recommended. :) Disclosure: I am one of the co-founders. In the context of the answer, at ChargeBee we support 30+ payment gateways. But it will be good to know your choice of payment gateway to know if we already support it. This is a SAAS product that you can integrate via API and has a GUI for your customer support team to handle requests. Signup online to give it a spin in the sandbox environment and let us know if it suits your requirements. – happyfeet Jan 7 '13 at 16:43

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