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I can't get Safari on ipad to recognize the cookies I send.

It works on OSX Safari, on iPad Chrome but just not iPad Safari.

I have set Accept Cookies to "Always" in Safari's iPad settings to no avail.

I am using GWT and can see Web Inspector that the response header of contains Set-Cookie as usual with the value I expect(1). It does not get set by Safari though.

If this were an iFrame issue, doesn't setting Accept Cookies to "Always" deal with that? What can I do to work around this?

(1) nick_name=me;Path=/;Expires=Mon, 11-Feb-13 02:32:22 GMT, xzy=25002, promoid=7b54c1ae-e76a-4f65-aebd-c8496132672a;Path=/;Expires=Mon, 11-Feb-13 02:32:22 GMT, rememberMe=25002:58322d58-b1b8-4f15-be68-11b610cf8c86;Path=/;Expires=Mon, 11-Feb-13 02:32:22 GMT

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You can eliminate whether this because of GWT via simple javascript sample. If it occurs even in javascript then tag your question in javascript as well. – SSR Jan 7 '13 at 10:00
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Solution was to simply delete all cookies via Settings --> Safari --> Clear cookies and data

On next access the cookies then appeared.

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