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I am doing Silverlight application. which i need to save data into server.

Is it Possible to Save recorded stream in one dummy file.

 Stream stream = saveFileDialog.OpenFile();

 WavManager.SavePcmToWav(_sink.BackingStream, stream, _sink.CurrentFormat);


Instead of selecting user by SaveFileDialog I want to use Dummy file at runtime.

if it possible any one will tell i will greatly appreciate.Advance thanks.

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Perhaps this question might help you. –  Bridge Jan 7 '13 at 9:05

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You can use the IsolatedStorageFile to create a temp/dummy file without asking the user to select a file.

The IsolatedStorage is a restricted area for your silverlight application to store files and data.

 IsolatedStorageFile store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication (); 
 IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = store.CreateFile("dummy.wav");

 WavManager.SavePcmToWav(_sink.BackingStream, stream, _sink.CurrentFormat);


Another solution would be to store the data of your .wav file in a in-memory stream. This can be done by using a MemoryStream.

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