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I want my Glassfish (3.1.2) to redirect all traffic for at top domain to a specific application folder. Say my domain is myapplication.com and it runs in the Glassfish localhost/myapp folder. I have changed the DNS setting to point to my servers IP address. Later I will have the Glassfish to handle more top domains that point to specific folder on the server. At the moment the application runs under default domain1.

How can I redirect all web traffic (port 80) for a top domain to specific application folder on Glassfish server?

PS. I don't want to put a file (html) at the web root to handle the redirect.

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Found an answer after looking around in the Glassfish admin panel. I've changed the docroot parameter to point to the directory of choose.

Glassfish admin panel:

Configuration -> Virtual Server -> Server (Edit Virtual Server)

Parameter to edit:

Docroot: ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/myapp

Guess you should define a new virtual server to handle more top domains. But maybe someone can answer if you should use another http-listner if you define another virtual-server or if Glassfish filter to different folder depending on docroot ?

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