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In the following example (Chapter 2), Anthony Williams is trying to parallelize the standard accumulate function. my question is why is he doing this:

   unsigned long const max_threads=(length+min_per_thread-1)/min_per_thread;

why add length and subtract 1? why not just:

 unsigned long const max_threads=length/min_per_thread;


   template<typename Iterator,typename T>
    struct accumulate_block
           void operator()(Iterator first,Iterator last,T& result)

    template<typename Iterator,typename T>
    T parallel_accumulate(Iterator first,Iterator last,T init)
          unsigned long const length=std::distance(first,last);
              return init;

          unsigned long const min_per_thread=25;
          unsigned long const max_threads=(length+min_per_thread-1)/min_per_thread; 

          unsigned long const hardware_threads=std::thread::hardware_concurrency();
          unsigned long const num_threads=

         unsigned long const block_size=length/num_threads;   

         std::vector<T> results(num_threads);
         std::vector<std::thread> threads(num_threads-1); 
         Iterator block_start=first;
         for(unsigned long i=0;i<(num_threads-1);++i)
             Iterator block_end=block_start;
             std::advance(block_end,block_size); #6
             threads[i]=std::thread( accumulate_block<Iterator,T>(),     

        return std::accumulate(results.begin(),results.end(),init); 
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I assume you meant length / min_per_thread, not (min_per_thread)/min_per_thread – Evan Teran Sep 14 '09 at 1:39
That's correct! – vehomzzz Sep 14 '09 at 1:41
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The problem with using

 unsigned long const max_threads=length/min_per_thread;

is caused by the truncation rounding used during integer division


length = 7
min_per_thread = 5


max_threads = length / min_per_thread = 1

while max threads should actually be 2

length + min_per_thread - 1 = 11

max_threads = (length + min_per_thread - 1) / min_per_thread = 2
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