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I can not find or figure out.

Inside a div with overflow, I put another div with a zoom option. I like to center the inner div in the outer div when it becomes bigger by zooming but solutions like margin: 0px auto; does not work.

<div  id="container" style="float:left; overflow:scroll; width:644px; height:702px;">
  <div  id="zoomimg" style="zoom:54%;">
  <img src="plattegrond.jpg" class="map" usemap="#leige">

NB! zoom:54% (644x702) can be changed with JS in 100% and 150%.

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I had a similar issue. You 'effectively' lose your parent div as a reference point to center the child div. I solved it by centering it upon itself. This should work:

    width = $("#container").width();
    height = $("#container").height();
    margL = $(".map").width()/2 -width/2;
    margT = $(".map").height()/2 - height/2;

This is what was done here

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Does not work. .map have to be #zoomimg to positon the div but the scrollbars are not going into the middle for scrolling left... –  Harry Jan 9 '13 at 13:16

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