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In Ruby, what is the simplest way to execute a local Linux command stored in a string while catching any potential exceptions that are thrown and logging the output of the Linux command and any thrown errors to a common log file?

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I faced the same question before, and "Process management" answered all my needs.

If you don't want to separate the error from normal output just use popen:

output = IO.popen("other_program", "w+") do |pipe|
  pipe.puts "here, have some input"

but if you do want to, use popen3:

Open3.popen3('nroff -man') { |stdin, stdout, stderr| ... }
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look at IO.popen

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If you want to execute ls -a:

%x[ls -a]
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%x(ls -a) is sufficient. You don't (and probably shouldn't) enclose the command and parameter inside '. – the Tin Man Dec 2 '13 at 19:06

Here is the code I use to see whether a process is active:

systemOutput=`ps -A | grep #{process_to_look_for}`
if systemOutput.include? process_to_look_for
  puts "#{process_to_look_for} is already running"
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