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we are providing custom 404.html page (in app/views/errors) for play! 1.2.5

During serving 404 we would like to connect to DB, but when doing so we get:

play.exceptions.JPAException: The JPA context is not initialized. 
JPA Entity Manager automatically start when one or more classes annotated
with the @javax.persistence.Entity annotation are found in the application.
at play.db.jpa.JPA.get(
at play.db.jpa.JPA.em(
at play.db.jpa.JPQL.em(
at play.db.jpa.JPQL.find(
at controllers.Security.check(
at play.utils.Java.invokeStaticOrParent(
at play.utils.Java.invokeChildOrStatic(
at controllers.Secure$Security.invoke(
at play.server.PlayHandler.serve404(

Should I go for a solution like - so defining my own controller handler instead of just a template?

Maybe there is some configuration option for that, but couldn't find one.

And last but not least - why is this happening, is there a reason why 404 goes in some other request lifecycle than a typical play request?

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You may use JPAPlugin methods startTx and closeTx inside a try/finally

try {
    // your code
} finally {
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