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I am changing the file structure. Some of the urls, that were previously available at root level of the site are now moved to a subfolder.

So I have an $uri. I try_files $uri @check_subfolder; If the file (normal .html file) still exists at the root level, or it's url is written properly, then try_files $uri works as it should. But if the file is moved to a subfolder, then I enter

location @check_subfolder {

And if here I just make a redirection rewrite ^(.*) $scheme://$host/articles$1 permanent; then everything is still perfect. But I want first to check if the $uri really exist in the /articles subfolder or not. So I do

location @check_subfolder {
    if (-f "/articles${uri}") {
        rewrite ^(.*) $scheme://$host/articles$1 permanent;

It just falls down to error 404. Redirection doesn't happen. Without the if redirection works. So obviously the problem in the way how I formulate the condition.

if (-f "/articles${uri}") doesn't work. if (-f "/articles${request_filename}") doesn't work. if (-f "/articles/${request_filename}") doesn't work. if (-f /articles/$request_filename) doesn't work. if (-f /articles/$uri) doesn't work.

I obviously write wrong concatenation.

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My answer is that I didn't think that -f looks for file in filesystem, not for a web-page, so I had to include $document_root. So now it works like

location @check_subfolders {
    if (-f $document_root/articles/$uri ) {
        rewrite ^(.*) $scheme://$host:8090/articles$1 permanent;
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