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I have a piece of shell code like below:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="../../lib"

if [ ! -f "$mp3proc" ]; then
        ln -s mp3decode $mp3proc


cat $inputsonglist | while read line
    echo "$line"
    ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag

in which, inputsonglist is a txt file which stored full path of mp3 files list to be processed like below:


mp3proc is my execetuable program which accept two parameters:

  1. full mp3 path which locates the mp3 file

  2. flag, 0 or 1

However, when I run this shell script like this:

./ list.txt 0

I met following errors:

./ line 27: 21068 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag
./ line 27: 21069 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag
./ line 27: 21070 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag
./ line 27: 21071 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag
./ line 27: 21072 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag
./ line 27: 21073 Segmentation fault      ./"mp3proc" ${line} $inputflag

I don't know why there are "Segmentation fault" happened here ???!!!

Anybody help? Many thanks!

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You have intputflag and inputflag. –  Chris Jan 7 '13 at 10:36
Something wrong with your mp3proc, obviously. Have you tried debugging it? We can help if you show its code (then it would be a C or C++ question, please retag accordingly). –  Anton Kovalenko Jan 7 '13 at 10:38

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1) try invoking directly mp3proc, and see it if segfaults. Then use: strace -f mp3proc and see its output

2) check the LD_IBRARY_PATH: replace with the absolute path, or modify it

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