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What is distributed testing in Jmeter?
What is its actual purpose?

I searched and read a lot about master/slave concept in Jmeter and I know how it can be done, but what is its use?

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Distributed testing is to be used when you reach the limits of a machine in terms of CPU, Memory, Network:

  • It can be used within one machine (many JVMs on one machine), if you reach the limits of one reasonable JVM in terms of Memory & CPU
  • It can be used accross many machines ( 1 or many JVMs on 1 or many Machines)

BUT before using it ensure you really need it, read this:

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Actually there is limitation of a single normal configuration machine to generate large user load test. So we use distributed load testing to use multiple machines for generating the load wherein you rightly said we used master slave configuration. For more about distributed load testing and other things about JMeter you can refer to the link-

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Article shows usage in GUI mode, this is to be avoided – UBIK LOAD PACK Jan 8 '13 at 14:03

It is used to generate load from a different location or to generate more load than you could from a single computer.

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