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I try to make an app on iPhone which can receive date from ble device. I've read the api from Apple.

But I want to send this data from PC with ble dongle.

There are some samples for receiving data from ble device.

But I need to make the pc simulate ble device.

Is that possible? And if it is, how can I do taht?

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If you own a Mac(, considering that you are making an iPhone app), you can create a OS X project that provides GATT and GAP with CoreBluetooth. See the sample code CoreBluetooth: Health Thermometer. Note that the sample code serves as a Central, however, you need to implement a Peripheral with a CBPeripheralManager instance and other delegates.

In your Mac OS X app, you need to provide a characteristic with CBCharacteristicPropertyIndicate or CBCharacteristicPropertyNotify.

In your iPhone app, you need to set this characteristic notifying.

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Thank you , I've solved this problem with your suggestion. –  user1954786 Jan 8 '13 at 3:03

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