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While the documentation specifies how one can substitute a variable, it does not seam to support lists.

I have a query that needs to run for each day of a month, so I want to do something like this:

for day in days:
  ALTER TABLE foo ADD PARTITION(${day=hiveconf:day});

Is there a way to do this without! using some kind of scripting language like python/bash.

I have a python implementation, but it need to start a new hive process for each query. Besides being ugly, this has bad performance for small queries because of the hive start-up-time.

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There's not really a great way to do this, and I'm pretty certain there's no way at all to do it without a secondary scripting language. But it's not too painful in something like bash:

if [ -e "$hive_script" ]
    rm $hive_script
days="1 2 3 4 5"
for day in $days
    echo "ALTER TABLE foo ADD PARTITION(day=$day);" >> $hive_script
hive -f $hive_script
rm $hive_script

Same strategy could be used in python: have the script generate all of the commands you want to execute, writing them to the same file. Then just execute that file.

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Thanks for the answer. Its indeed ok for a simple thing like this but one wants to implement a general purpose solution you get all the fun with parsing arrays and combining them for a arbitrary list of variables to substitute. But since its seams there is no solution in hive ( and I don't blame them ), this is the next best thing. Thanks – Velrok Jan 12 '13 at 21:37

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