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I am trying to upload a blackberry application which is already exists but with different platform. Old application is build on 'BlackBerry WebWorks' but the new one is with 'native Java' .

Is it possible to upload the new application with same name, different version ? Or I have to change the name of Application to make it as new product upload ? Is there any 'sign in' or 'descriptor file issue' in uploading new application ?

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You can add the application as a "new" version for the existing app. In your vendor account go to Manage Products -> Releases -> +. When you click the "+" you can add the application with the same name and different version. Just sign your files and upload. –  Sarah Jan 7 '13 at 11:36

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If your upload a cod file with the same name, it will overwrite an existing cod file with the same name.

If you upload a cod file with different name, make sure that there is no class with full qualified name that is already present in an installed application.

All applications run under one JVM instance and if there are two classes with the same full qualified names, even in different applications, those applications won't start.

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