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I'm trying to get the Y value of pixel from a frame that's in Ycbcr color mode. here what I' wrote:

 cv::Mat frame, Ycbcrframe, helpframe;
cvtColor(frame,yCbCrFrame,CV_RGB2YCrCb); // converting to Ycbcr
Vec3b intensity<uchar>(YPoint);
uchar yv  = intensity.val[0]; //  I thought it's my Y value but its not, coz he gives me I think the Blue channel of RGB color space 

any Idea how what the correct way to do that

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what about the following code?

Vec3f Y_pix =<Vec3f>(rows, cols);
int pixelval = Y_pix[0];

(P.S. I havent tried it yet)

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the program crashes when use your CODE ? it didn't work – Engine Jan 7 '13 at 12:13

You need to know both the depth (numerical format and precision of channel sample) as well as the channel count (typically 3, but can also be 1 (monochrome) or 4 (alpha-containing)), ahead of time.

For 3-channel, 8-bit unsigned integer (a.k.a. byte or uchar) pixel format, each pixel can be accessed with<cv::Vec3b>(pt);
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