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I have a LineChart and I can plot with different Stroke Dash Array but I can't plot as dotted such as

-fx-stroke-dash-array: 0.1,5.0;


-fx-stroke-dash-array: 0.8,8.0;

Any reason for this? When I use these settings it plots as solid line.


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According to the cssref

-fx-stroke-dash-array has a type "size [size ]+", so it doesn't need commas inside.

I tried on a separate application, not related to charts. And

-fx-stroke-dash-array: 0.1,5.0;

shows a solid line, while

-fx-stroke-dash-array: 0.1 5.0; 

shows a dotted line.

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Thank you very much, I will try your suggestion –  Alberto acepsut Jan 7 '13 at 14:05

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