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How can i convert this long format to short inline format. I tried with various combinations but none worked. I always get the parameter as null.

    <i:EventTrigger EventName="GotFocus">
        <cal:ActionMessage MethodName="SelectTool">
           <cal:Parameter Value="{StaticResource contrastTool}" />

I tried with this:

cal:Message.Attach="[Event GotFocus] = [Action SelectTool({StaticResource contrastTool})]"

but this doesn't work

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It can be solved using Caliburn.Micro Contrib (also available via Nuget).

To enable XamlBinding, insert below code in your bootstrapper

FrameworkExtensions.Message.Attach.AllowExtraSyntax(MessageSyntaxes.SpecialValueProperty | MessageSyntaxes.XamlBinding);

Then in Xaml you may use

cal:Message.Attach="[Event GotFocus] = [Action SelectTool({StaticResource contrastTool})]"
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Do not use this library. It does not work with Caliburn Micro 2.0.2 and it messes up your whole project references. I lost hours because of this. – qqww2 May 10 at 13:02

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