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In a php file I typically generate links like this:

<a href="admin.php?t=email&id=3">Edit Primary Email</a>

When I look at this in FireFox's "View Source" window, I notice it highlights it in red, and says "& did not start a character reference", which is true, but is this valid for a query string? It still works (and gets rid of the 'error') if I change it to &amp; but I'm curious now about the official way it should be (which I think is the first).

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Firefox and you are both right.

A query string indeed uses & to separate parameters - but the HTML document requires ampersands to be encoded &amp;.

See Do I really need to encode '&' as ' &amp;'? for more background.

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but is this valid for a query string?

For a query string by itself? No.

For a query string expressed in HTML? Yes.

This is the latter.

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