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I am using an machine where active directory is configured. From this machine I am trying to record the JMeter scripts by setting proxy in the browser. But when I try to open the URL, it gives me the Authentication Manager window to enter the username and password. Even when I enter correct credentials, it does not redirect to the website which I want to test.

Am I missing anything?
Is there anything I need to take care of when I am recording the script in Jmeter where AD is configured?

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Active Directory authentication isn't something you can effectively record as NTLM headers and Kerberos tokens need to be constructed and the procedure is rather complex.

JMeter provides HTTP Authorization Manager in order to deal with Basic, NTLM and Kerberos authentication types. For Basic you just need to provide username and password, for NTLM - domain name, for Kerberos - domain name, real name and have proper configuration in krb5.conf and jaas.conf files which reside in /bin folder of your JMeter installation.

See Windows Authentication with Apache JMeter guide for more details and how-to's.

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