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I am not able to figure this out:

Lets say i got an olap-table wihich displays some facts about a product. One of those is the volume of its sales.

How can I add a Field which displays me the Difference to the last year? Provided that I am not allowed to create a new measure, but using a formula?

enter image description here

Something "easy" like my pseudocode:

[Measures].[Volume] From 'FilterYear'
- [Measures].[Volume] From 'FilterYear' -1 

Is that even possible? Thank you in advance.

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Yes it is totally possible but requires a little bit more MDX trickery than your pseudocode.

Try something like:

Aggregate([Date].CurrentMember.Lag(1), [Measures].[Volume])

This assumes you're using a year member in some axis; if you selected a day member instead, it would give you volume for the previous day instead.

Here's a good resource about the Aggregate function and MDX functions in general.

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Thank you very much. We found a different soloution now but I keep in mind what you wrote for the future. –  CSharpie Jan 10 '13 at 21:00
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