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I am using WiX for Setup & Upgrade of my web application.

I made a Web Application upgrade following all rules of WiX upgrade. I am facing following problems currently:-

  • It is not copying files from source directory while upgrade.
  • It makes double entry in Control Panel>>'Program and features' list, and does not upgrade the previous version.

I checked UpgradeVersion, AdminUISequence, InstallUISequence, InstallExecuteSequence of Product.wxs. Everything seem to be right. It is not working :(. Whats could be the problem? Whats I am missing? Here is my Product.wxs of Full-Setup which is working.

 <Product Id="650BF924-ED19-44DB-8118-3865A88506EB"
           Name="ProductName XYZ"
           Manufacturer="ABC Limited"

Here is my Product.wxs of Upgrade-Setup

<Product Id="F095B865-F341-4E5B-A550-0292A081BFF6" 
             Name="ProductName XYZ" 
             Manufacturer="ABC Limited" 
<!--Upgrade Element-->
    <Upgrade Id="70DB15D2-D7E8-4D31-88B3-A434DC99197D">
        <UpgradeVersion Property="OLD_VERSION_FOUND"
                        Language="1033" />

        <UpgradeVersion Property="NEWER_VERSION_FOUND"
                        Language="1033" />

        <Show Dialog="FatalError" OnExit="error" />
        <Show Dialog="UserExit" OnExit="cancel" />
        <Show Dialog="ExitDialog" OnExit="success"></Show>

        <Show Dialog="FatalError" OnExit="error" />
        <Show Dialog="UserExit" OnExit="cancel" />
        <Show Dialog="ExitDialog" OnExit="success"></Show>
        <Show Dialog ="CoreDBConnectionDlg" After ="LaunchConditions" />

        <RemoveExistingProducts After="InstallInitialize" />
        <InstallExecute After="RemoveExistingProducts" />
        <Custom Action="createScriptConfig" After="InstallFinalize" />          
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If you have two ARP entries it suggests that the install has gone OK but the removeexistingproducts action hasn't been triggered. Check the logs for FindRelatedProducts and look in your Upgrade table to check whether it's looking for the right upgrade code and whether it's trying to migrate the feature states across. – Stephen Connolly Jan 7 '13 at 12:29
Stephen as I mention I already checked this areas. Actually the problem is its not copying anything from source. In ARP its just showing the two entries because of registry. In registry it updating product version no. But actually in installation directory it is not updating anything. Older setup files are only showing. Even not update upgrade.log from install.log. – Anudeep Jan 7 '13 at 13:17
Have you checked the UpgradeTable? And have you updated the productcode. Windows Installer upgrades are notoriously difficult to get right. You have to update both the ProductVersion and the ProductCode in the Property table and the Upgrade Table each time you build otherwise a major upgrade won't work. The logs will indicate the feature selection states of your upgrade. – Stephen Connolly Jan 7 '13 at 13:26
Yes. I checked it. My setup Product ID and upgrade product ID are different, Product Version are also different. I think my InstallSequence is working properly. What you say....<InstallExecuteSequence> <RemoveExistingProducts After="InstallInitialize" /> <InstallExecute After="RemoveExistingProducts" /> <Custom Action="createScriptConfig" After="InstallFinalize" /> <!--<Custom Action="webConfigEncrypt" After="createScriptConfig" />--> </InstallExecuteSequence> – Anudeep Jan 7 '13 at 14:18
You really need to get a hold of the verbose logs to make any further progress. Basically you are looking to see whether\when RemoveExistingProducts is called, and what the feature selection states are after MigrateFeatureStates has been called. – Stephen Connolly Jan 7 '13 at 17:03

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