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I'm using the function stepinfo to get the step response of the system. But the information that I get and the information I get from the plot made by step doesn't match. For the closed loop system:

m1=3; m2=2; k=12; B=6;
p=35.1263; z=4.9686; K=683.9;


The result of stepinfo(T) is

ans = 

        RiseTime: 0.3876
    SettlingTime: 1.4245
     SettlingMin: 0.9863
     SettlingMax: 1.1881
       Overshoot: 18.8102
      Undershoot: 0
            Peak: 1.1881
        PeakTime: 0.5756

While the graph that results from step(T,0:1e-3:10) clearly shows that the response goes over 1.2, which means that the Overshoot is greater than 20 and not 18.81. step response

What is the source for the difference?

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what version of matlab are you running? it says 20.94 for me which matches the plot. – Rasman Jan 7 '13 at 14:51
This was ran on R2009b – Ilya Melamed Jan 7 '13 at 15:24
I have Matlab R2012a and as noted it provides the correct answer. If others can confirm this, the problem was likely a bug that got fixed. – Rasman Jan 7 '13 at 17:21
same here ( Overshoot: 20.9442) at Matlab 2012a – bla Jan 8 '13 at 8:17
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It seems to be some sort of a bug with the R2009b version. As noted in the comments, I've ran the same code on a machine with R2012a version, and the results of stepinfo were:

ans = 

    RiseTime: 0.1671
SettlingTime: 1.3591
 SettlingMin: 0.9066
 SettlingMax: 1.2094
   Overshoot: 20.9442
  Undershoot: 0
        Peak: 1.2094
    PeakTime: 0.4604

which is the expected result.

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