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I've inherited some code that uses FluentValidation and on my machine that has .NET 4.5 installed I get the scary System.Security.VerificationException : Operation could destabilize the runtime error. After reading this post: http://elegantcode.com/2012/08/23/net-4-5-operation-could-destabilize-the-runtime-yikes/ I updated FluentValidation and FluentValidation.MVC3 nuget packages to newest version

But... after update, this code does not compile:

rules.RuleFor(x => x.Number).DisplayName("Bla bla bla"); // <-- No DisplayName method

It fails because it relays on using FluentValidation.Mvc.MetadataExtensions and this namespace does not exist in DLL instaled with

Is there some MetadataExtensions equivalent in newest FV? If not, how can I replace DisplayName, Scaffold, HiddenInput and similar methods with something that works in newest

(I'm completely new to FluentValidation - just stumbled upon it because of VerificationException)

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As you are using FluentValidation new version, so you'll have to use WithMessage instead of display like this below

 RuleFor(x => x.city).NotNull().WithMessage("City is required"); 
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Unfortunately I got the news that updating FV to newer version will break some existing functionality. I will have to apply fix to manually... –  user1068352 Jan 14 '13 at 9:57
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Installation of the newest version was not an option but I've downloaded source and applied change to AbstractValidator class.

// Func<CascadeMode> cascadeMode = () => ValidatorOptions.CascadeMode; // Deleted
static Func<CascadeMode> s_cascadeMode = () => ValidatorOptions.CascadeMode; // Added
Func<CascadeMode> cascadeMode = s_cascadeMode; // Added

After replacing original with patched version application starts without VerificationException.

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