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I am developing an iOS application where I want to get notified as soon as a notification comes in my facebook account.

I am able to pull the notification using JSON, where I am polling every 5 minutes.

Can I get automatically something like Push-Notification, not Pull-Notification.

Not a push notification from facebook to my app, but any means by which I can perform this task?

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You will not receive any push notifications from Facebook. Facebook will only send push notification to their own app.

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I'm not familiar with Facebook's notification API, but it looks like there might be a way to get a given user's notifications (with some restrictions).

Once you are able to pull a Facebook notification using your server, then you would want, again using your own server, to send the push notification to a user's mobile device using Apple Push Notification Service.

This might require quite a bit of backend work to make functional, or you could use something like Parse or Urban Airship. But first I would read up on Apple Push Notification Service and how push notifications are sent to a mobile device.

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