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I'm trying to set up a SOAP service using Zend_Soap_Server. (ZF1)
My problem is that the WSDL URI is password protected. It can be accessed by setting 'https://username:password@wsdl.uri' as the URI, but the username and password are different for the development and live versions of the application.
I've tried setting the login and password with $soapServer->setOptions(array('login'=>$login, 'password'=>$password)); but nothing happens.
How can I achieve this? (if it's possible)

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Looking at the source of Zend_Soap_Server, I don't see 'login' and 'password' as options in the setOptions function. :( –  undefined Jan 7 '13 at 12:29

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The documentation of the SoapClient doesn't mention username and password authentication (htpasswd), so I assume that this type of authentication is not possible.

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