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I am trying to toggle (increase and decrease height of )a DIV based on click event of a TD tag using jQuery. Please note I am new to jQuery.

<td id="ProductionTargetDEtd" class="collapsibleTdRelease" width="100%" onclick="javascript:toggleHeader();">
<table width="100%">
    // Some Html code here
<div id="ProductionTargetDEDiv" class="slidingDiv" style="">
  // Some Html code here

Now in the JSP script tag I am hiding the DIV by giving height = 0 as below :

    $(this).find("div#ProductionTargetDEDiv").each(function() {$(this).css({  overflow: "hidden", height: "0px" })});

Finally on click event of the TD id="ProductionTargetDEtd" we are calling below javascript method toggleHeader():

function toggleHeader(){

            $("div#ProductionTargetDEDiv").animate({ height: 135}, 400);
            $("div#ProductionTargetDEDiv").animate({ height: 0 }, 400);

Now what all this is supposed to do is, when i click on the TD tag, the DIV should slide down, and next click it should slide up. The above method is working fine, except for 1 anomalies :

1) On 1st click, nothing happens, only on 2nd time clicking and onwards the DIV slides down and up smoothly

Surprizingly, If i don't call the Javascript method toggleHeader() using inline javascript call


and instead i put all the jQuery code in the tag of the JSP, then this 1st click problem is solved.

Please help, I am new to jQuery.

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Based on other stackoverflow link i realized that because I am calling my jQuery code using inline javascript -> onclick="javascript:toggleHeader();"" therefore the click event is occuring twice and hence the issue Now i added $("td#ProductionTargetDEtd").removeAttr("onclick"); in my jQuery code and it is working fine now. Only issue being the slide is not working fr the 1st click. After that everything is working smooth – sunny_dev Jan 7 '13 at 14:33

why do u need trigger for ProductionTargetDEDiv click...remove that..

you are calling td#ProductionTargetDEtd click event twice.. one in your html


<td id="ProductionTargetDEtd" class="collapsibleTdRelease" width="100%" onclick="javascript:toggleHeader();">

and here

 $("td#ProductionTargetDEtd").click( //inside the toggleHeader function 

so remove $("td#ProductionTargetDEtd").click( inside the toggleHeader and that should solve your click function

final outcome... replace toggleHeader with this

function toggleHeader(){
        $(this).animate({ height: 135 }, 200);
        $(this).animate({ height: 0 }, 200);

and it should work

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Hi bipen, as I mentioned in my problem point no # 3, if i don't add that trigger for $("div#ProductionTargetDEDiv").click(); no toggle happens anymore. Only on adding this line, toggle is happening. This is with reference from this stackoverflow entry – sunny_dev Jan 7 '13 at 13:19
than that trigger for click, we are doing it in ProductionTargetDEtd element.. have you tried with above code – bipen Jan 7 '13 at 14:27
hi bipen, latest update : plz read my comments to my own question above. I followed your code above plus I added below line $("td#ProductionTargetDEtd").removeAttr("onclick"); In order to curb the occurence of duplicate Click events due to calling jQuery click toggle method from inline javascript code "onclick="javascript:toggleHeader();" everything is resolved after this except the fact that nothing happens for the 1st click...After that everything happens v smoothly :) can u help this last bit. – sunny_dev Jan 7 '13 at 14:37

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