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Had to use bxslider for one of the app. I have some issues while trying to implement bxslider with dynamically loaded content over ajax.

It works abruptly. Interestingly when there is a slight change in view port either by opening dev tools or window size change, it does sometime works.

Would just like to understand has anyone faced this issue before and what could be the workaround.


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BxSlider now contains two new methods:

  • reloadSlider()
  • destroySlider()

After loading new content into your slider, try calling reloadSlider(), as this will re-initialize the slider and accomodate the new slides.

Check here for code examples:

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This helped me fix the problem, thanks! I put it inside of a $(window).resize(function() {}); – Joseph Astrahan Jan 25 '14 at 22:50

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