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I'm trying to start using templates in my scripts, however I have problems looping through the variables in my template. I've created a simple template script and my problem is that it only replaces 1 of my variables instead of all of them. If I use .= the problem persist ( I only replace 1 variable at the time). Could anyone help me with the logic of my script?


$data= array('uno'=>'1','dos'=>'2','tres'=>'3','cuatro'=>'4','cinco'=>'5');

function tpl ($data,$tpl = null) {

    foreach ( $data as $find => $replace ) {
            $return = str_replace('{'.$find.'}',$replace,$tpl);

    return $return;

echo tpl($data, file_get_contents('tpl.tpl'));

My HTML template

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If you are going to build something big try using ready template engines as Smarty .. smarty.net –  Svetlio Jan 7 '13 at 13:39

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Simple problem, you always start over the replace within $tpl data. Always rewrite the variable content:

function tpl ($data,$tpl = null) {

    $return  = $tpl; // this will be in foreach and will get rewritten.
    foreach ( $data as $find => $replace ) {
            $return = str_replace('{'.$find.'}', $replace, $return); // note $return from here

    return $return;
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Issue in your code is, you are always replacing data in fresh copy of $tpl variable, so that is why you see only one variable is replaced. You have to update your $tpl variable after every replace so that all variables get replaced.

make following changes to fix this issue

foreach ( $data as $find => $replace ) {
        $tpl = str_replace('{'.$find.'}',$replace,$tpl);

return $tpl;

This will fix your issue.

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