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I am having problem with my jquery code, the loading image is working perfectly but after the loading image a success/error message must appear but it doesn't work. Thanks for the help in advance. I think I am having trouble with JSOn (not sure if it is)

(function() {

    if($('#contactform').length) {

        var $form = $('#contactform'),
        $loader = '<img src="images/preloader.gif" alt="Loading..." />';
        $form.append('<div class="hidden" id="contact_form_responce">');

        var $response = $('#contact_form_responce');



            /*var data = {
                action: "contact_form_request",
                values: $("#contactform").serialize()

            //send data to server

            $.post("php/contact-send.php", $("#contactform").serialize(), function(response) {

                response = $.parseJSON(response);



                    $response.find('p').removeClass().addClass("error type-2");
                    $.each(,function(input_name, input_label) {

                        $response.find('p').append('Please enter correctly "'+input_label+'"!'+ '</br>');

                } else {

                    $response.find('p').removeClass().addClass('success type-2');

                    if( == 'success'){

                        $response.find('p').append('Your email has been sent!');
                        $form.find('input:not(input[type="submit"], button), textarea, select').val('').attr( 'checked', false );

                    if( == 'server_fail'){
                        $response.find('p').append('Server failed. Send later!');

                // Scroll to bottom of the form to show respond message
                var bottomPosition = $form.offset().top + $form.outerHeight() - $(window).height();

                if($(document).scrollTop() < bottomPosition) {
                    $('html, body').animate({
                        scrollTop : bottomPosition

                if(!$('#contact_form_responce').css('display') == 'block') {





share|improve this question when i removed the response = $.parseJSON(response); it is showing the success image but the messages are not there, but when i add that code, the green image is gone – JB De Asis Jan 7 '13 at 13:43
i tried running it on firebug and it says that the part if(response.is_errors) is null – JB De Asis Jan 7 '13 at 14:08

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