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I have made a figure with the x-axis as datetime (2012-8-1, 2012-10,7....)

I want to put a textbox to label this figure

id = ("(A)","(B)","(C)","(D)","(E)","(Average)")


months = mpl.dates.MonthLocator() # every month
days = mpl.dates.DayLocator(interval=5) # every 10 days


[tickline.set_markersize(3) for tickline in ax.yaxis.get_ticklines(minor=True)]
[tickline.set_markersize(2.5) for tickline in ax.yaxis.get_ticklines(minor=True)]



But I can't see the labels at all.

How can I realize it?

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You might have stated what library (graphing library??) you're using here. – Celada Jan 7 '13 at 13:57
guessing you are using matplotlib ... – Oz123 Jan 7 '13 at 14:09
What is this id = ...-line good for? Is it the desired output? if not, if it'S in your code: please do not hide the built-in id-function. This might have nasty side-effects. It would also be helpful to have a minimal, self-contained example. What values do you have? They might be the reason for your problem... – Thorsten Kranz Jan 7 '13 at 14:17

An approach is to convert the date to a number and use the number in subsequent calls:

dates = matplotlib.dates.date2num([x])
ax.text(dates[0], y, message, color='red')

where x is the datetime you want to convert, y is assumed not to be in datetime format but in numerical format, and message contains the string you want to have displayed.

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You need to either enter the x-coordinate in the same format (a date) as for the other plot methods, or transform the coordinates. If you want to stick with the x=.25 you could use:

ax.text(0.25,ymax[i],id[i], transform=ax.transAxes, fontsize=15)

It will place the text at a quarter of the ax's width.

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I think there also needs to be a plt.draw(). – tcaswell Jan 13 '13 at 8:24

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