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Is it possible to create session from JavaScript, if so how?

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So, technically no. Sessions are server side and javascript runs on the client.

But, you can have your javascript send a request to the server that initiates a session. You'd still need some coding on the server, though (PHP, Java, etc.). Ex., it's fairly common practice to initiate a new session for a user when they log in (of note, they'll often already have a session, so you're really re-initializing).

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Er, but the JS to do this would have to have been returned by the server and therefore have created a session already. –  annakata Sep 14 '09 at 5:57
Not necessarily. Ex., if the page with the JS was static HTML, then PHP (or whatever) wouldn't get a chance to initiate a session. –  Sam Bisbee Sep 14 '09 at 16:47
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Javascript works on client side and you won't be able to set or destroy session which is created on server from javascript.

With the help of a server side language like C# you can achieve this.

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to set the value of session you can user page method because it is not possible in js.

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