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I have just upgrade to ruby on rails 3.0.9 from using rails 2.X. I have been writing feature tests in cucumber and used the capybara-firebug gem and specifically the included step stop and let me debug frequently to debug.

However after the update I keep getting a error saying:

When stop and let me debug          # capybara-firebug-1.2.3/lib/capybara/firebug.rb:52
  cannot load such file -- ruby-debug (LoadError)

My research sofar has led me to that the problem has to do with ruby-debug gem that does not work with ruby 1.9.3 wich I am currently using.

I tried an alternative, debugger but now I am stuck with a problem when running tests, EVEN after uninstalling debugger as I read that ruby-debug19 should be a better alternative.

This is the error I get now when running tests:

uninitialized constant Debugger::LocalInterface::Readline (NameError)

How do I get rid of that and get the debug to work properly again?

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Have you included the ruby-debug19 gem which is required with ruby 1.9.3 version ? it's not very clear from the question. – Prakash Murthy Jan 18 '13 at 18:14
@PrakashMurthy Yes I did. But the Readline error returned when I did that. I got it working now though. Was a problem with readline gem that when installed properly the ruby-debug19 worked fine. – Martin Larsson Jan 20 '13 at 15:09
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Not sure if you're using rvm or not. But I think you're possibly missing a gem. If using rvm, confirm that readline is installed:

% rvm pkg install readline

Next confirm that ruby-debug19 is installed correctly:

% gem install ruby-debug19
% gem install linecache19
% gem install ruby-debug-base19

SOURCE: this SO question/answer: debug rails 3.1.1 application

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As I commented to PrakashMurthy this was the problem. But the strange thing is that the Error message still mentioned Debugger though it was uninstalled. But this is how I solved it so I will give you the reward and correct. – Martin Larsson Jan 22 '13 at 13:12

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