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I want to implement Mobile Backend as a Serivce (MBaaS) for a Windows Phone 8 application. Could someone let me know which is the best service provider for same. All I have came across so far is www.parse.com. Would like to explore other options too.


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Windows Azure Mobile Services would fit the bill - storage, back end tasks, push notifications, with support for other platforms like Windows 8, iOS and Android. You can get a free account here.

SkyDrive is a great choice for personal cloud storage associated with your application, but that's IMO just a small subset of BaaS.

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Isn't SkyDrive the obvious choice? Perhaps you could elaborate more on what it is you're trying to achieve.

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Antonio Martinez compared some alternatives a while back, including

The site is focused on iOS development, and I guess that's why he doesn't include Azure.

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