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Today the whole day, I am reading through Amazon MWS API documentation for importing the products from an seller account in any format but couldn't find anything that could help me moving forward with my task...

i have read this V386854335.pdf">https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/mwsportal/doc/en_US/bde/MWSDeveloperGuide.V386854335.pdf developer guide to the end but this dose not clear... it says i need to register as developer and then use the standard process bla bla... very messy :'(

Please some one has previous experience with such work and done the setup before or has any link of info that precisely describe how can i do it kindly help me with this..


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As far as i know Amazon MWS ApI doesnot support importing of products directly. To import products firstly we have to request for reports using report api, using that report id you can import products.Check the demo site for amazon2magento extension here http://magegaga.com/amazon2magento.html you may get the basic idea how importing works.

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